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Simply put,

I love carrying around a camera, and trying to get people to look into the lens.

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Perama Tour – Entering Komodo Islands

After two days and two nights of sailing, we finally entered the Komodo Islands in the morning light, while eating a special crepe, honey and fruit breakfast.

(below) the dragons on Komodo Island are completely wild.  Though they can usually be found, there is no guarantee.  This was a medium-large female.

(below) a smaller dragon who would have gone to the top of this hill to get some morning light and perhaps lay in wait of her next meal to come along the trail.

(below) Though famous for dragons, the Komodo Islands are also well known for amazing beaches and underwater life.  Pink beach, the beach below, had the most amazing snorkeling that I’ve ever encountered.


Perama Tour – Lombok > Sumbawa > Komodo > Flores

Pictures from Sumbawa: the first leg of our tour.