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Simply put,

I love carrying around a camera, and trying to get people to look into the lens.

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Syracuse, Sicily

Syracuse, or more specifically Ortygia, is a mini-peninsula connected to the mainland by three short bridges.  It is the historic center of Syracuse and as such, is packed with the aging baroque apartments that once made up the largest city in the medieval world.  Eventually, you have to give yourself over to the tangled web of narrow streets and just wander. No matter what, every street comes to an end at a Piazza or the sparkling azure sea.

Syracuse has some of Sicily’s top restaurants.  Restaurants here tend to be a bit more international, and feature variations of Sicilian cuisine.  Trattoria La Foglia has inventive food, perfect service, and a bohemian-chic style all its own.  Le Vin de L’assassin Bistrot absolutely stole the show.  You’ll need a reservation and the ability to read handwritten french on chalkboards to access the French-Sicilian fusion cuisine here.

We loved the small apartment we rented.  It can be found here.  The location couldn’t have been any better (next door to Le Vin de L’assassin).

_DSC1489_DSC1390_DSC1329_DSC1306_DSC1443_DSC1281 _DSC1285 syracuse1 _DSC1313 _DSC1321 What you lookin’ at?_DSC1328syracuse2 _DSC1331 _DSC1332 _DSC1354 _DSC1362 _DSC1371 “I’ll go to the south of Sicily in the winter, and paint memories of Arles –This part is my part of the movie, let’s hear yours”
― Jack Kerouac, Tristessa

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