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Simply put,

I love carrying around a camera, and trying to get people to look into the lens.

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Puerto Princesa / Honda Bay, Philippines Travel Photography

Puerta Princesa is more a hub than a destination.  Located almost in the middle of the Palawan Peninsula.  To the north, lay some of the best scuba diving locations, resorts, islands and beaches that the Philippines has to offer.  To the south… well nobody knows for sure.  Almost nobody goes there.  It’s just untouched nature and perfect empty beaches.  Going south far enough will take you straight into Borneo.

Places that serve good food are close to my heart.  Puerto Princesa serves the best food I’ve had in the Philippines.  KaLui and La Terrase served up dishes and drinks that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

We stayed at the Palo Alto Bed and Breakfast.  They do the whole, shoes-not-allowed-shiny-hardwood-floors-everywhere thing.  The owners were very friendly.  I would stay there again.

I was pretty skeptical about doing the Honda Bay tour.  I figured that there would be too many people, mediocre beaches, and snorkeling with uninspiring coral and fish.  Turns out that I was mostly wrong!  There were a lot of people.  However, the beaches were nice, and the fish and coral were actually pretty good.  Living in the Philippines has really spoiled me.  I’m not as easily impressed with tropical beaches, as I was when I lived in WA.

I was seriously wanting to go out on this makeshift  dock.  After giving it some thought, I realized that I would likely be the heaviest person who had ever trusted it.  I gave it a miss.

Yellow Fin Tuna – The boat captain told me that he could catch about 10 on a good day.

It was a holiday, so I came across my first cock fight ever!  Notice that the Filipino version ties 4-inch “long-knives” to the roosters’ left legs.  In other countries with cock fighting, the knives are usually shorter.

(below) If you look closely, you’ll notice lots of blood squirting out.

Cock fights don’t end in draws or split decisions.