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Patrick Love Photography bio picture

Simply put,

I love carrying around a camera, and trying to get people to look into the lens.


Iceland is set apart geographically, and not surprisingly, culturally.  We spent 17 days circumnavigating Iceland in an RV.  This was my first time renting an RV, and I’m happy we chose to see Iceland this way.  No matter our location, it provided a place for us to change, wash, clothe, feed, and enjoy our 5 month old baby.  I really enjoyed the freedom of the road, the opportunity to camp/park wherever we pleased.  The sun was up for nearly 24 hours per day, so it was common for us to be out hiking, taking pictures or driving, late into the evening.

(Left) Geysir, the geyser all geysers are named after.  There used to be several more geysers in this area, but tourists kept dropping rocks down them, until they stopped shooting up.  (Right) Gullfoss Waterfall and its chasm of death!

When I’m in a place like Iceland, I allow myself to take a little more time to divert off onto other paths creatively for a while and see what comes to me.

Damien Rice

(above and below) Vic Beach – black sand and amazing sea stacks
DSC_5519 Iceland truly represents the beautiful extremes that nature has to offer. -Christopher Nolan
DSC_5507(Below) Svartifoss Waterfall with its basalt columns

When I was a little kid growing up in Iceland, I always dreamed about creating something that could have an impact on the whole world.  -Magnus SchevingDSC_5493

(Below) Jokulsarlon – black sand beach covered in ice.


Come on, I’m from Iceland; I don’t do hip-hop.  -BjorkDSC_5372 DSC_5329DSC_5309 DSC_5306 DSC_5259 DSC_5228

Consistently rated the most peaceable of all countries in the world by the Global Peace Index, Iceland has reduced its military expenditure to zero, has no armed forces, and has reduced the inequality gap between rich and poor.  -Scilla ElworthyDSC_5503DSC_5177DSC_5516

(Below) Godafoss WaterfallDSC_5161

(Below) We went whale watching out of the small town of Husavik.  On our way back, we stumbled onto two gray whales, in only about 7 meters of water.  They would dive and resurface in cycles that repeated almost every 30 seconds  We were able to follow them for what seemed like 5 minutes.DSC_5149 DSC_5060 DSC_5046 DSC_5037

(Below) Hvitserkur – This is my one favorite photo from Iceland.  Photographers argue whether this looks like an elephant or a rhino.  I’m on team rhino.DSC_4964

(Below) KirkjufellDSC_4901 DSC_4871

(Below) Adele asleep and Detifoss Waterfall, the largest waterfall in Europe, by volume.  i3DSC_5506 DSC_4853 DSC_4763 DSC_4752

(Below) We loved all the hot springs throughout Iceland.  Every town would have a well-run hot spring and swimming pool.  Each day, we would stop for a soak and a shower.  Travelers in Iceland have no excuse for being smelly.  Here we are at the famous Blue Lagoon.

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