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Simply put,

I love carrying around a camera, and trying to get people to look into the lens.

Gangi, Sicily

Gangi, once voted the most beautiful village in Italy, may be the quintessential small Sicilian village, with both the good and bad that brings.  Gangi is a jumble of churches, piazzas and houses on a perfect mound of earth.  Its earlier residents must have settled here due to the excellent surrounding farmland and the defensive advantage that protecting a steep hill brings.  Gangi is known for being a place that fiercely fought against the mafia in the 1920s.  In more recent times, it has faced a declining population, and few economic opportunities for its current residents.

To combat the decline, Gangi made the news with an extremely progressive plan.  Gangi’s townspeople decided to put empty homes up for sale to outsiders for just 1 euro!  This would bring an influx of foreigners, tourism and money.  I can’t help but admire the willingness to risk losing old ways, and the globalization of an extremely mono-cultural place.  Time will tell how this reshapes this ancient settlement.  Perhaps I’ll be able to return someday and stay in a home that was once purchased for 1 euro.

In the meantime, we rented an entire farmhouse on Air BnB.  Anne and I commented that this was the best bargain of our entire trip.

_DSC1154_DSC1143 _DSC1159 “Sicily is paradise. I live in paradise. Now pass the pasta please.”
― Alfred Zappala, The Reverse Immigrant

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