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I love carrying around a camera, and trying to get people to look into the lens.

Monthly Archives: February 2009

Baja Adventure – Pt. 3

We continued to make our way up the coast.  This time, we stopped in the tiny fishing village of Santo Thomas.  We had to drive about 30 miles of rough gravel road to get to this out of the way location.  Due to my ninja driving skills, our rental VW Jetta loaded with 4 full-grown men and luggage only bottomed out once!  However, we got a puncture flat on the way back out.

In Santo Thomas there was a small hotel, but no restaurant.  Thankfully one of the locals hooked us up with some raman noodles.  Staying in a little shack on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean was quite an experience.

Big thanks to ProPeninsula and Lonely Planet Magazine for purchasing and publishing multiple images from my trip!  How awesome is it to actually get paid to travel! (Yes, that was bragging.)



Sunrise the next morning.


Heading to work for the day.  One of the fishermen told me that he would take me fishing for about $5.


ruiza - Beautiful shots!May 18, 2009 - 8:13 am

Baja Adventure – Pt. 2

After a few days of R&R, we had to start making our way back up the peninsula.  We crossed through the desert again, and ended in the small fishing village of Santa Rosalilita.  The pictures don’t really tell the story of what it was like to end up in a small village where nobody spoke any English and where there was not a restaurant or a hotel to be found.  My two brothers and father wanted to turn and try to keep going, but I knew we could not leave.  This is where the adventure would begin.

Soon, we found a lady who worked in the town’s only market, and who invited us into her home and cooked us the best fish tacos of our entire trip.  It was great to meet her family, and get a feel for what it might be like to live in a small fishing village that only got electrical power less than a year ago!  We also located a four-room hotel that was just finishing construction.  Though it did not yet have a sign, my brother Mark was able to knock on the owners door and negotiate a room for us.



I’ve never seen a church with two shells on the outside of it like this one.



Baja Adventure – Pt. 1

February in Seattle is not pleasant by most accounts.  The holidays are long over, but the cold rain mixed with snow persists.  I had to go down to Mexico to keep myself from getting seasonal affective disorder.  Somehow, I talked my father and two of my brothers into also going with me.  Something about 1 week of sunshine for a total cost of less than $400 seems to convince most people

We flew into San Diego, and took the bus to the border, where we walked across and took a cab to our rental car.  No problem!  Then we simply started driving south as far as we could get by sunset.  By the next day we were at our southernmost destination, Mulege.




Different kind of bird


Tres Amigos – two of my brothers and I!


I bought freshly squeezed OJ from this guy, and we sat and talked for a half hour or so.  Of course the topic of taking his picture came up sooner or later (I can be so sneeky.  The only reason I bought OJ from him was for a chance to take his picture.)


I found these birds out walking one morning just before the sunrise.


Driving through the desert there was mile after mile of cactus.  This was my first time seeing cactus like this and I thought to myself that the Baja has cactus like the NW has pine trees.



Ashley + Drew Engaged!

I had a super AWESOME time shooting Ashely and Drew’s engagement pictures.  I’m always going to include engagement shots in my wedding packages because it’s so much fun to hang out with new couples and try to soak in some of their awesomeness for myself.  And you thought I was doing it for you!!!  I can’t wait to see how amazing their wedding pictures are going to be.





Turns out that Ashely and Drew are huge UW football fans.  Don’t ask how they did this… I was sworn to secrecy.  Let me just say that, yes, Drew was recruited by the UW, but he had to turn them down because he was already working for NASA!  And yes, Ashley did catch every one of those footballs!  Maybe the UW should recruit her.




Brianna + Dan Engaged

Brianna and Dan got connected with me through a good friend of mine, so I was super excited to book their engagement photos and their wedding.  They love playing pool, and are just an all around down-to-earth and fun-loving couple, so we decided to do some engagement photos in the Alki Tavern, and then on the waterfront.  Unfortunately, the weather on Feb 14 in Seattle, was pretty much rainy, cold and dark… Uh, what did you expect?  We’re going to do a follow up session, once the weather turns sunny and warm._dsc15371_dsc15362dyptych21dsc_9380_dsc1712_dsc1672_dsc1654_dsc15781_dsc15641_dsc15511

Seattle Photo Walk

A few pictures of the Pike Place Market-


Skyline from the Jose Rizal Bridge.  I get questions about what kind of lens I use for shots like this.  You can see it here or video here.