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Simply put,

I love carrying around a camera, and trying to get people to look into the lens.

Monthly Archives: January 2009

Lyn + Jeff Engaged!

I had a super awesome time shooting Lyn and Jeff’s engagement pictures.  How many sunny days do you remember Seattle having in January?  This is one that I will not forget!


I like the kid running by in the background.



I’ve been making a diptych of each couple.


Chillin’ in the shade!



ArianaToow - I love it! That is way cool man! The steps weren’t that complicated too, which is great.May 13, 2009 - 10:25 am

Alki Sunset

Shooting landscape photos during the winter in Seattle is hard.  First of all, it gets dark by about 3pm, so you have to start early.  Second, there is no sunset, the day simply fades from grey to black.  I used my 45 perspective control lens for these shots.  If you want to save about $2000, you can just rub some vaseline on the top and bottom of a normal lens._dsc0835_dsc0871

Christmas in So. Cal.

My family drove down to Santa Ana to visit my brother Isaac and his wonderful wife Andrea.  You know that your brother lives in a nice place when they have an avacado tree with tons of avocados all the time, right in their yard.  It was so great to be down in So. Cal over Christmas.  While Seattle was getting snow, I was standing on the beach in flip flops and a T-shirt.






itjustme - wow.. your piece is just amazing.. can watch them for hours and still not getting bored.October 1, 2009 - 9:26 am