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I love carrying around a camera, and trying to get people to look into the lens.

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Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Bali

Ubud, Bali

We loved the AirBnb’s here and here.


pool ubud house
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Bali remains kind of a mystery to me. That is because culturally it remains distinct from most everywhere else I have traveled.  It welcomes visitors from far and wide, yet retains its own identity and sense of self.  Undisturbed by most of what goes on around it.  Happy just to be Bali. 

Black sand beaches are much more common than the white sand beaches.

On a holiday, each family brings sacrifices to the templeEach town has it’s own parade, music and temple ceremonies.


Labuan Bajo, Flores Island, Indonesia

Labuan Bajo was just supposed to be an end-of-the-line stop, where we would regroup between liveaboard diving and the boat that would take us back to Lombok Island.  Instead of being just a backwater, LB surprised me.  I kept finding that it was full of interesting and trendy bars and restaurants.  The markets were colorful and vibrant. We rented a scooter, and had a wonderful time exploring the island outside of LB.  It is really a place that beckons for you to linger.

Labuan Bajo, Flores Island, Indonesia

We stayed at the Golo Hilltop Hotel in Labuan Bajo.  It was simple and clean.  The owners were helpful and friendly.  It features great views during breakfast.  There is a long dock down the hill, so I walked down to it for the sunset.

It was really cloudy, so the sunset was pretty unremarkable.

I met some locals who posed for a few portraits.  Indonesians are generally a very open and friendly bunch.



Dive Komodo Liveaboard – Komodo Islands


Komodo National Park

Perama Tour – Entering Komodo Islands

After two days and two nights of sailing, we finally entered the Komodo Islands in the morning light, while eating a special crepe, honey and fruit breakfast.

(below) the dragons on Komodo Island are completely wild.  Though they can usually be found, there is no guarantee.  This was a medium-large female.

(below) a smaller dragon who would have gone to the top of this hill to get some morning light and perhaps lay in wait of her next meal to come along the trail.

(below) Though famous for dragons, the Komodo Islands are also well known for amazing beaches and underwater life.  Pink beach, the beach below, had the most amazing snorkeling that I’ve ever encountered.


Perama Tour – Lombok > Sumbawa > Komodo > Flores

Pictures from Sumbawa: the first leg of our tour.

Sunset, Soccer- Mt. Rinjani, Lombok