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I love carrying around a camera, and trying to get people to look into the lens.

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HCMC, Vietnam

Lunar New Year, February 2017

People I Met In Vietnam

Friendly faces and good times in the country with the best cuisine in Asia.  If you find yourself in Hanoi, run, don’t walk, to the Moka Cafe_DSC1985 _DSC1963 _DSC1961 _DSC1959 _DSC1978

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi’s old quarter is a tight grid of 36 streets.  Each street was named after the type of business conducted on it: Silk Street, Wood Turner’s Street, Fan Street, etc.  The buildings were build by the French from 1900-1950 and have a wonderful, faded charm. Yes, that is dog.  When I walked buy, a bunch of men were enjoying roast dog for lunch.  They called out to me and told me how much the loved it, just to get a reaction, I suppose.  So, so, so gross.

Vietnam has the best beer in SE Asia.  There are many varieties for sale, and most of them are based on European styles from colonial times.  Freshly brewed beer is also available on the sidewalk.  Unlike bottled beer, it has a more hoppy, fresh taste, and has less alcohol.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

January 2013, we did a 3-day tour of Ha Long Bay with  It was cold and grey for the three days we spent on the water.  Cebu Pacific Airlines had lost my checked bag, so I didn’t really have any warm clothes to wear.  I’d like to return to Ha Long Bay, during the spring, fall or summer.  Lesson learned, winter might not be the best time to visit the bay.  That said, our boat and crew were amazing.  Delicious food, and a warm cabin with a window to look out on the karst columns as they passed by, in the fog.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Travel Photography

We spent a quick three day weekend in Ho Chi Minh City.  Before I went, I heard a lot of comments about how it’s just not all that great.  Hanoi seems to get everyone’s vote.  Maybe they are right, but that doesn’t matter because I had a great time in HCMC and still don’t know any different.  I loved HCMC, and I would go back in a heartbeat.  Everywhere we went, the food was indescribably good.  I’d take Vietnamese food over Thai food any day.  We also did a really fun cooking class, and a scooter/eating tour of the city.  We stayed at the Riverside Hotel, which was nice, but I wouldn’t splash out that kind of money again.  We also ate twice at the highly acclaimed Hoa Tuc restaurant.  I wanted to like it, as it’s the most popular place in town, but it really didn’t take the whole dinner experience to the next level.  I also got the feeling that every tour group in HCMC eats at this place every single night.  I’m going to go all Anthony Bourdain next time I’m there.

New and Old

At a Chinese New Years party someone gave me a $100 note.  Unfortunately, I had to burn it.  Was it real?  Now I’ll never know.

Not sure what these funny hats are all about.

Same same, but slightly different