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Simply put,

I love carrying around a camera, and trying to get people to look into the lens.


“In Yosemite, we see how everyone can inherit the earth. But that gift requires a change of heart, a new intention, a deliberate turning. From now on, we must go forward, back into the world of violence and war, to do our part to end the killing, the suffering, and the ongoing destruction of Mother Earth. Yosemite, along with all of creation, calls us to wake up, stand up, and stop the insane destruction of the earth before it’s too late.”
― John Dear, They Will Inherit the Earth: Making Peace and Practicing Nonviolence in a Time of Climate Change

Xi’an Terracotta Warriors

“We will pick our way through the shards of broken objects folly leaves behind. And some of what breaks will be very beautiful.”
— Guy Gavriel Kay

Perth, Western Australia

For Christmas break, the McNair’s joined us for three weeks in Western Australia.  We took our time, and really enjoyed each of the places we visited.  I’d love to do this same trip again some day.

Semi-famous blue boat shed in Perth.

(below) “The Wave” is a giant rock wave between Esperance and Perth.

Shire of Esperance, Western Australia

Esperance is a remote town surrounded by some of the nicest beaches I’ve encountered.  We stayed in this lovely house.  We loved Cape Le Grand, and Lucky Bay Brewing Company.


Denmark, Western Australia

Denmark was more of a stop over between the highlights of the Margaret River Region, and Esperance.  We stayed in this house, which worked out just fine.  We LOVED the Boston Brewing Company.  In fact, I would say it was my favorite food stop of the entire trip.  We actually ate their twice.  If you are traveling with kids, it’s a “must do.”

(below) Greens Pool

(below) Elephant Cove

Prevelly, Western Australia

Prevelly is a small beach community located just south of a famous surf spot, and just west of a excellent food and wine region.  We stayed in this great mid-century modern beach house.  If you like wine, start planning your tasting schedule now.

(below) Margaret River Carpark at sunset

Dunsborough, Western Australia

Dunsborough is the perfect base to explore Cape Naturaliste and the northern part of the Margaret River wine region.  We stayed in a wonderful house which can be found here.  We loved Albert and Nicola Coffee, and Eagle Bay Brewing.

(above) Sugarloaf Rock

(below) Meelup Beach.  No one is in the water, because a lifeguard helicopter spotted a large great white shark just off the shore.

(below) Quindalup boat ramp at sunrise

(below) Busselton Jetty

Dolomites, Italy


Venice, Italy

Venice, Summer 2017

Prague, Czech Republic

International School Counselor Association, Annual Conference, March 2017